‘How I Met Your Mother’ Kids Kept Show’s Ending Secret for 9 Years

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Kids Kept Show’s Ending Secret for 9 Years

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From to , audiences were blessed with arguably one of the greatest sitcoms of all time: How I Met Your Mother. Narrated by a future version of Ted, the story unfolds through a series of flashbacks as Ted tells his children how he met their mother. Along the way, he shares the hi-jinks he and his friends get up to over the years. The show boasted some major star power and, after it wrapped, its stars went on to star in major movie franchises, popular TV series, and Broadway shows.

As much as fans might miss HIMYM , at least we can still see our favorite actors doing what they love. The whole series is told from his point of view, after all, and it’s his search for a wife that drives the story.

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So upset that it landed the show among the top 10 most-hated finales. There are fans who have said they wished they’d never watched the end so they could pretend it never happened and re-watch the show in a state of innocence. To ensure that Ted’s children didn’t age throughout the telling of his story, all of their scenes were filmed way back in , including their reaction to the end of their father’s story. Then the show runners go ‘We’re going to tell you how the show ends.

And that, kids, is the story of how Henrie and Fonseca found out how the show ended, and also managed to survive it without even being able to commiserate with anyone. Now when a tragic television event takes place everyone can gather to mourn a character death or plot twist together on Twitter, but nine years ago Henrie and Fonseca were sworn to secrecy. Everyone was always asking me ‘Dude, who’s the mom? Who’s the mom?

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“C’mon, dad,” said the daughter, played by Lyndsy Fonseca. “Mom’s gone for six years now. It’s time.” Ted and Robin dated early in the show’s.

Best secret keeper ever! In a new interview with The Insider , actor David Henrie , who played Ted Mosby’s son on How I Met Your Mother , revealed that he and on-screen sister Lyndsy Fonseca have known about the shocking ending of the show for nine years, since season 1. In order to make sure Ted’s children with The Mother Cristin Milioti looked the same throughout all nine seasons, producers decided to film all of their scenes in the first season back in Apart from their brief dialogue at the end of the series finale, this only included vague reaction shots as they listened to their father’s lengthy tale.

The controversial finale, which angered many devoted fans, features Ted Josh Radnor meeting and marrying The Mother aka Tracy McConnell before she gets sick and dies. He then moves on to longtime love Robin Cobie Smulders , but first has to get the approval of his two children. He manages to convince them by telling them his entire relationship history under the rouse of saying it’s a story about he met their mother.

Henrie has impressively managed to keep the plot-shattering details confidential for more than nine years.

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All 24 episodes from the fifth season of the American romantic comedy series following young architect Ted Mosby Josh Radnor as he searches for love in New York City. Told through a series of flashbacks, the show is narrated by an older, off-screen Ted Bob Saget , who regales his children with tales of his single days with his best friends, the highs and lows of dating – and how he ultimately ‘met their mother’. Wrestlers’, ‘The Wedding Bride’ and ‘Doppelgangers’. Skip to main content.

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In our latest farewell-themed piece, we chatted with Ted’s kids, played by Lyndsy Fonseca (Nikita) and David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place).

The episode serves as the 23rd and 24th episode of season nine , and the th and th episode overall; the episode’s two parts are classified as two separate episodes. It aired on March 31, Lily, optimistic about Robin’s friendship, decrees that Ted and Barney cannot hook up with Robin unless they marry her, and Barney scoffs at the idea. Meanwhile, Barney recognizes the bass player—already introduced in previous episodes as the Mother Cristin Milioti —as the woman who advised him to pursue Robin.

He approaches Ted with the intent to introduce her to him, but Ted declines the idea. After the group sadly bids Ted farewell, he goes to the Farhampton train station, where an elderly lady Judith Drake asks Ted many questions about destiny and spots the Mother standing nearby. Ted insists he can’t talk to her because he’s moving. He tells them that he met a girl, of which they approve after finding out that she is the bass player from the wedding.

As Robin goes to buy drinks, Barney admits their marriage is suffering because of Robin’s rising career, which requires her to travel frequently. The Mother arrives and tells Ted they have to delay their wedding because she is pregnant. In May , Ted and the Mother host a get-together with the rest of the gang. Marshall is miserable at his new job, having been forced to return to being a corporate lawyer.

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The end of How I Met Your Mother may have come as a surprise to most viewers but the twist was planned from the very beginning of the series. In order to have that play out correctly on-screen, the showrunners needed a certain scene filmed in season 2. Future Ted’s storytelling served as a plot device for the series while he shared the tale with his kids. When Ted finally ended the story, viewers learned that Tracy passed away six years before.

Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Bob Saget, Lyndsy Fonseca, David Henrie, the highs and lows of dating – and how he ultimately ‘met their mother’.

How I Met Your Mother fit the bill: a sitcom set in New York, focused on a group of friends in their twenties, living together in different combinations, but the show became more to may viewers. Created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, the pair pulled from their lives for the inspiration behind the core characters and their antics. Ted Mosby Radnor narrates the story to his children of how he met their mother, in the year as the frame, while most of the action takes place starting from onwards.

Though a laugh track accompanies How I Met Your Mother, the creators revealed in the series commentary the show filmed on a closed set, without audiences, because of the multiple scenes, location changes, and flashbacks. The show-runners hired Jason Segel based on their love of his work on Freaks and Geeks. The writers planned Victoria as the mother, were the series not renewed for a second season. Some of his paramours, like Victoria or Stella, last multiple episodes, whereas Mandy Moore or Rachel Bilson, drop in for cameos.

Not all the women or stories were a hit. Except for Alyson Hannigan, the cast is a musical bunch! Like many gags in the series, the writers pulled from real life. Multiple times. Pamela Fryman directed of the episodes, including the series finale.

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Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. Title: Third Wheel 08 Oct While by himself at MacLaren’s, Ted runs into Trudy, a wild woman with who he once went out. Trudy’s old sorority sister Rachel shows up, the two who seem to be competitive with each other.

While they date a lot throughout the series, most of them are actually married IRL. Here are the real life 7 Lyndsy Fonseca. This young David Henrie was first known as Luke, Ted’s son, on this popular sitcom. Since then.

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