Cyber dating violence: A Review of Its Research Methodology

Cyber dating violence: A Review of Its Research Methodology

Young adults age years are the most active Internet users in the United States, with online social experiences 1,2. Cyber dating abuse CDA is a complex intimate partner violence IPV nexus including, but not limited to, stalking, sexual harassment, psychological harm, or emotional harm perpetrated via technology 3, 4. CDA encompasses abusive behaviors towards intimate partners carried out using an electronic medium 3. These behaviors can include sending threatening or harassing, messages, sharing explicit or private photographs, or monitoring intimate partners. CDA is particularly prevalent among adolescents and young adults, with up to The purpose of this integrative review is to describe the current terminologies, theories, and measures regarding CDA among college students.

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As the world continues to practice physical distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID, youth may find their relationships moving to the digital space. While social media is a great way to express yourself and stay connected with your friends, it can also be misused. Everyone deserves to be in a safe and healthy relationship, in-person as well as online. Digitally abusive behaviour is not acceptable, and it could be illegal.

Cyber dating abuse, the use of technology to harass a dating partner, is a common and growing problem among teens that is linked to other.

The use of information and communication technologies ICT as tools to intimidate, harass, and control the partner has been, so far, little studied in the literature. The aim of this study was to determine the extension and sex differences of victimization of cyber dating abuse, as well as the context in which it occurs, and its relationship with offline psychological and physical aggressions. The sample consisted of college students ages 18 to 30 years.

The most common behavior was the use of ICT to control the partner. Also, victims of cyber dating abuse were victimized repeatedly, an average of 23 times in the last six months. The data also showed that cyber dating abuse appear usually in a context of jealousy.

Teenagers: dating violence and abuse victimization 2012, by relationship status

Cyber culture with its related e-commerce, expanded since the s through the advent of social network platforms, incites participants to engage in hyper-exposure and spectacularization of their private lives, with inherent consequences for personal image and privacy, publicizing private matters especially those pertaining to sexuality and corporality in the digital media. This raises the need to understand how the phenomenon of cyber dating abuse in affective and sexual relationships is conceptualized and characterized in scientific studies, which health problems are associated with it, and which social technologies are suggested for intervention.

This form of abuse is a new expression of intimate partner violence that involves, among other practices, posting embarrassing photos and videos and intimate messages without prior consent, with the purpose of humiliating and defaming the person. The current study is an integrative systematic review, including 35 articles, with a predominance of studies in the United States Types of cyber dating abuse range from direct aggression to stalking.

Despite the high prevalence, especially among adolescents and youth, the literature highlights that this type of cyber abuse is often taken for granted.

Cyber dating abuse. Causing pain real stories of dating abuse. Little empirical interest. Psychol rep. Were victims, thoughts of males and same-sex relationships​.

Search publications Advanced search. Downloads Download. Van Ouytsel, J. The associations between substance use, sexual behaviors, bullying, deviant behaviors, health, and cyber dating abuse perpetration. Van Ouytsel, E. Torres, H. Choi, K. Ponnet, M. Walrave, and J. While digital technologies have enabled perpetrators of dating violence to target their victims online cyber dating abuse , little is known about how this form of perpetration relates to specific adolescent risk behaviors.

This brief research report focuses on the associations between substance use, sexual behaviors, deviant behaviors, self-reported health, and cyber dating abuse perpetration. Having had sexual intercourse or using alcohol or drugs before having sex was significantly linked with cyber dating abuse perpetration, as was poor physical health, and substance use.

Consistent with limited research, we found a link between cyber dating abuse and engagement in bullying behaviors.

Cyber dating abuse: prevalence, context, and relationship with offline dating aggression

Causing pain real stories of dating abuse Little empirical interest. Psychol rep. Were victims, thoughts of males and same-sex relationships and bestselling author rebecca. Integrative review, defined as the.

Cyber dating abuse: prevalence, context, and relationship with offline dating aggression. Psychol Rep. Apr;(2) doi: /

The Cyber Dating Abuse Questionnaire CDAQ is a item measure that assesses both victimization and perpetration in a dating relationship of various forms of completed and threatened cyber abuse, such as identity theft and humiliation. Additional aspects including control, invasion of privacy, and information dissemination were also measured as part of the CDAQ. High Psychometric Score Multi-Country. Each question was framed to ask for both perpetration and victimization of each of the behaviors.

Response options are given in a 6-point Likert scale that asked for the number of occurrences of the behavior over the last year of the relationship:. It has happened more than 20 times. The development and validation of the Cyber Dating Abuse Questionnaire among young couples. Computers in Human Behavior , 48 , Supported Research. Qualitative Research. Field Expert Input.

Cyber Dating Violence during COVID-19

The current study examined the relationship between exposure to violent media and pornography, and the perpetration and experience of sexual cyber dating abuse among adolescents. The study also assessed the relationship between violence-tolerant attitudes with dating abuse outcomes, and examined the mediating role of attitudes in the relationship between violent media and pornography consumption and dating abuse perpetration and victimization.

Participants were adolescent boys and girls who reported currently being in a romantic relationship or having been in one during the past year. Participants completed an anonymous paper-pencil survey. Results highlighted pornography and gender as risk factors for the perpetration of sexual cyber dating abuse.

Cyber dating abuse and its association with mobile abuse, acceptance of violence and myths of love. Suma Psicol. [online]. , vol, n.1, pp

Cyber dating abuse and its association with mobile abuse, acceptance of violence and myths of love. Suma Psicol. ISSN The present study aimed to analyze the prevalence, and the differences in the fre quency and chronicity of cyber dating abuse according to different sociodemographic variables. Additionally, the relationship of cyber dating abuse with the myths of romantic love, mobile abuse and acceptance of violence was analyzed. Using a sample of 1, university students, the results revealed that Significant differences were found in cyber dating abuse according to sex, age, sexual orientation, family income and parent’s educational level.

Finally, the results revealed a significant relationship between cy ber dating abuse, mobile abuse, the myths of romantic love, and the acceptance of violence. Keywords : Cyber dating abuse; mobile abuse; violence acceptance; myths of romantic love. Services on Demand Article. Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

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Cyberdating Abuse: What Parents Need to Know

This item appears in the following Collection s Dissertations and Theses Ph. Deep Blue Home Login. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Abstract: Across three studies, this dissertation investigated the topic of digital dating abuse in high school dating relationships.

Dating violence (DV) and cyber dating abuse (CDA) is an eminent public health issue with significant implications on young adult females.

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