To invest in 2018

Market indices continue to hit new highs and experts disagree on whether the invest market is overvalued.

If it is, a correction could be imminent; if not, this bull market could still have room to run. This questions where to invest in One thing everyone can agree on is that all bull markets eventually end, the only question is when?

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No one can answer 2018 question definitively, but 2018 can — and should — take steps to position your portfolio for the future, no matter what it holds. A good place to start is by reviewing your target asset allocation, which is the percentage of your portfolio you would like to have invested in each major asset class, and comparing this to what you actually hold. Rebalancing is the perfect time to figure out what investments would best help you meet your investment goals.

Increasingly, investors are adding investments beyond traditional stocks and bonds. Invest alternative asset category has exploded in recent years as investors look for ways to increase portfolio return and manage risk, but many of these products have high fees and mediocre returns. Crowdfunding real estate platforms are disrupting real estate. Read the bios of senior management and look for significant real 2018 expertise.

Make sure the website is informative and easy to use. The investments should be explained clearly with enough information to make an informed choice and investor support if you have any questions.

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In other words, how much will it cost to hold this investment? Since fees are a drag on returns, savvy investors look for no-fee funds that put all their money to work for them. DiversyFund has pioneered the first no-fee crowdfunding real estate fund, the DiversyFund Income Fund. Just as crowdfunding disrupted real estate, DiversyFund is disrupting crowdfunding through invest vertically integrated structure that controls costs and allows better control of outcomes. Instead, determine an asset allocation that fits your objectives and risk tolerance, then look for low-cost investments to fill each category.

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Consider adding alternative investments to your portfolio for diversification, making sure you understand them thoroughly before you invest.