How to invest in tron

There is little use case now, and buying today is a speculative venture, but as soon as main-net drops sometime in the next few months, expect the utility to increase and the price to skyrocket. In the meantime, users should carefully hang onto their TRX and watch and wait for developments.

Tronix TRX started out at just. All this being said, there is no guarantee that TRX will increase in value. There are many strong projects in crypto, not all of which will become a success. The issue with buying with Binance is that you will need to buy either Ethereum or Bitcoin first before you can exchange it for Tron. Lots of exchanges are wary of accepting coins like Tron on their platform.

Before you begin you will be required to open a wallet that accepts Tron, such as MyEtherWallet.

Drop files anywhere to upload

Create your account, carefully store the private key MEW provides, and take note of a couple of important items seen in the image below. First, take note of your account address, which is visible in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. You can do this with US Dollars.

Its ease of use, reliability, strong support for new coins, and ability to handle demanding trading volume have all made this a new exchange of choice for investors around the world.

Get yourself over to Binance. Click the verification email that Binance sends you. Activate 2 Factor Authentication 2FA. Not only will this give you better trading privileges, it will also prevent anyone else in the world from being able to get into your account and the precious coin wallets therein.

This is a good habit to have whenever you create a financial account of any kind online. Copy the alphanumeric address that appears. Paste your Binance address into the address text box always always always double check!

Then choose how much Ethereum you wish to send to Binance in order to invest in Tron coin. In a few minutes, your Ethereum will arrive in your Binance Ethereum wallet. This will take you to a trading screen.

On the right side of the screen you will see a pile of trading pairs.

A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

First, you want to decide how much you want to pay for a single TRX coin. There is no guarantee that the price will ever fall that far, but when and if it does, your order will be completed at that price.