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Email They sell different kinds of products to provide the needs of people, especially the travellers. Many people love to travel and go for country after country. And during those times, these people need a place where they can buy their needs such as foods and gasoline. That brings an idea for Mr. Chester Cadieux to put up a convenience store in Tulsa.

With the help of a college friend, Mr. Initially, they sell only limited kinds of items in a higher price. After several years, they continue to expand, having other stores opened on different areas like Kansas, Wichita, and Des Moines.

Should You Buy QUICKTRIP Stock?

The success of Mr. Cadieux business is contributed for him paying his managers above minimum wages, so that they will be inspired to make their jobs and services even better. He also lowers the operating cost by having his employee to do the stocks inventory. After several years, Mr. Cadieux decided to modify and change his products. He started selling gasoline in a self service manner in the year He also inspects all of his items and identifies which of them sells the most and which of them sells the least.

Then, he immediately eliminates all of those least selling products, and replaced them with the selling ones. He also started selling bulky amount of products in a low price, such as candy, cigarettes, soda, coffee, and beer.

He also started selling his very own product, the QT beer, which are very popular to college students as well as blue collar workers.

Why Australia?

He also has his own labeled gasoline, called the Redline. They also manage to add an Automated Teller Machine on their store so that travelling people who are in need of cash can easily withdraw their money anytime on their store. Foods and beverages are also available on the Quick trip store. Some of the franchise stores are only a small unit, while some are bigger, depending on the location and the feasibility of the place.

They also changed the exterior design of the store, to make it more attractive to customers.