Bitcoin investing group scam

What if they tell you that you can be a millionaire in one year just by trading on the app, will you jump and invest? I hope not because these promises are very wrong, exaggerated and misleading.

Greed and naivety feed thugs

They are all claims to entice you into losing your money on fake trading systems like Bitcoin Focus Group educational and trading robot. No matter how professional the name sound, after reading this Bitcoin Focus Group review, you will keep your money where it belongs; in your pocket. The sudden spike in the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies is causing many people to make mistakes.

If you are not careful, you will continue to lose money to developers of fake apps like Bitcoin Focus group.

What does it mean to invest in Bitcoin?

My candid advice, be prudent and always thread with caution especially when it comes to get-rich-quick schemes. Bitcoin Focus Group is a new system from an unknown person who is answering David Kramer. He is saying that traders who use the app have the opportunity to work with a group that only aims at enriching them with a cash-flowing robot. This app also hit the market with yet another cock and bull story of incorporating education with patented auto trading software that will make few people millionaires in one year.

In fact, these scammers sound convincing when you watch their video presentation till you notice the lies behind the app. According to what you will hear, the group is not an affiliate of any scam platform because they operate under strict regulations and also protect the interests of their clients. Afterwards, you will hear about the origin of the group and their purpose of making newcomers wealthy.

To convince you further, they will tell you that they enrich their members through trading secrets from the best Bitcoin traders, engaging in ICOs and algorithm trading. They will also explain that Johnson and Rutger Focus Group is the company behind Bitcoin Focus Group and they only opened the group for a limited period. So anyone who wants to cut a share of profits should make haste and join before they close the group again.

Imagine the strategy to galvanize innocent traders into action.