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Once the tail lights have been removed, the next thing you must do in order to take off the bumper is to detach the plastic cover along the back side of your trunk.

There are no bolts for this one, just plastic attachment pegs, so just pull straight up and it will come off for you. This will reveal some wiring and, more immediately important, a pair of black plastic openings.

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There is a 10mm bolt in each of them you will need to get out of there. One of the plastic openings you will need to take a 10mm bolt from.

Now open the access panel on the driver’s side of the hatch. You will need to remove your tire pump and its Styrofoam holder by rotating the plastic clips holding them in place counterclockwise left loosens just about always.

You will find a 10mm nut to remove low in the hatch here. Once that is done, you will need to remove another nut on the passenger side, although it may be useful to move the lower fuse panel over so you can access it a little easier on that side.

The socket is currently on the nut you need to remove.

Step 2 – Drill the holes for your sensors

You will find four Torx screws that need to be removed in each wheel well. Once those are removed, you can pull up the cover to see the support your bumper was screwed to. You need to pull the bumper out and over the support. When you pull out on the bumper cover, remember to also be pushing up so as not to break the clips that hold the bumper in place.

The rear bumper removed from the rest of the car. Pro Tip The bumper will be hanging on by its electrical wires. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed a step.

Step 2 — Drill the holes for your sensors Now that you have the bumper removed from the car, you need to drill the holes for your sensor nodes. Conveniently, the bumper has an “x” already marked where you will need to drill. Once your holes are drilled, cutoff or drill a small notch to give the locator ridge on your sensors clearance.

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The “X” markings on the back of the bumper with the first hole already drilled.