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SQwhich in my humble opinion the a true disruptor. Those quirky little credit-card swipers may look funny, but they have sparked a commerce innovation. And how is SQ not a perfect complement to bitcoin? Cryptocurrencies have put all interested parties on a level playing field: Finally, the company has convinced several analysts that bitcoin recovery story is for real. But the problem is that social media is a fickle industry.

TWTR is believable, invest it has risks as well. A few months ago, Bitcoin reported that the than bag of its customers are willing to accept bitcoin. Be sure to put SQ on your list of must-watch bitcoin stocks.

Bitcoin Stocks to Consider: Shutterstock You might be the type of person to never once consider cryptocurrency investments. NVDA is your best bet. But as one of the top bitcoin stocks, NVDA plays a critical role in the blockchain economy.

Receiving these tokens, though, is a tough endeavor.

An insurance policy

As you might imagine, crypto-mining is a computer-intensive invest. To make mining profitable, miners need the fastest processors. GBTC is a controversial pick. Among bitcoin stocks, the GBTC truly earns that name. This also makes the GBTC a particularly eyebrow-raising idea in that this list is for bitcoin-haters.

But please allow me a minute or two to explain myself. Admittedly, bitcoin has several variables with which several folks get simply not comfortable. Plus, bitcoin is very unforgiving in mundane issues such as forgetting passwords. It happened to Mt. Gox, and it can happen again.