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Both cryptocurrency day traders and long-term investors can find attractive assets to bet on for The altcoins we will mention are ones that proved to be valuable. Their skillful managements and recent stability make us believe that they are here to stay for and also for the longer run. You can buy and hold them, or you can use day trading techniques. Our suggestion is to combine those two investment approaches.

If you buy and hold 60 to 70 percent of your crypto account capital, you can trade for shorter term periods with the rest of it.

Ethereum — The largest and most important digital currency except Bitcoin The technology behind Ethereum allows building decentralized applications, such as financial, social networking and messaging platforms. Developers can use the Ethereum network for creating tokens for their own ICO projects, and the smart contracts concept is expected to be widely used.

Due to its strength and stability, most crypto currencies exchanges allow you to use Ethereum as an alternative to Bitcoin. Meaning, you can use it as the basic coin which is traded against other altcoins. Cardano This is another very interesting currency which is used for receiving digital cash. Some call it the Ethereum of Japan, as its technology and some of the features are quite similar.

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Their developers are well educated engineers that bring a sophisticated scientific approach. Another interesting fact is that their founder was also one of the co-creators of Ethereum. In oppose to Etheruem, where you need to learn and use their unique programming language, NEO is more convenient. It allows developers to create their applications by using their preferred programming language among some of the leading platforms. That includes Java Script, C sharp, and Python.

Bitcoin Cash The huge increase in popularity of Bitcoin led to a situation in which the fees are higher and the processing time is slower.

Their purpose was to get more efficiency with a bigger blockchain and faster transactions.

1. Ethereum – The largest and most important digital currency except Bitcoin

That new currency called Bitcoin Cashand today it is one of the largest ones.