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This reference point is biased to approximately 2.

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This voltage is used by the MSM for logic power and to supply battery reference voltage to the seat and lumbar adjuster switches. The MSM checks to see if the reference voltage is shorted to ground or battery before enabling any of the seat or lumbar motors. The MSM invest commands the appropriate seat motors to move to the pre-recorded seat positions stored in memory in response to the switch input.

The MSM connects all motor control circuits on the power rail to a common reference point whenever they are not in operation. This voltage is connected to a power rail internal to the MSM and is used to drive the power seat motors, lumbar motors, and seat heater elements on vehicles equipped with heated seats.

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The door module then sends lucerne serial data message to the memory seat module MSM indicating the memory recall request. When a memory switch is pressed, reference voltage is applied through the switch buick, a series of resistors and thorough the memory switch signal circuit bitcoin the DDM. Your best betbuick it checked lucerne DTC’S – invest trouble codes first!

Each seat and lumbar adjuster motor is controlled by the MSM through 2 motor control circuits. Electronic bitcoin modules involved!.