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In the month of May alone, almost 7, jobs. On the other, some experts have said that the demise of coal as an energy source has less to do with emissions than with lost market share to a competing fossil fuel — natural gas — and technological improvements that have bolstered renewable energies such as wind and solar.

We had almost 7, mining and coal jobs created in the month of May alone. Indeed, according to the BLS datathe actual increase in coal jobs since the end of last year was 1, while the monthly increase in May was But even by that standard, his numbers are inflated.

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The mining and logging sector has grown by 38, jobs since the end of last year and grew by 6, in May. Are there other job numbers to analyze? Terry Headley, the director of communications for the American Coal Council, said that coal employment numbers compiled independently by states are typically much larger than what BLS has found, perhaps because many states use broader definitions of who should be counted. For instance, Headley said, coal truck drivers — probably numbering several thousand nationally — are not broken out from the BLS data for “truck drivers.

In West Virginia alone, he said, state data for show 48, in the category of miners, mine support, and onsite processing staff. Official BLS data for the coal mining industry “does omit many workers who work in the industry,” said Jed Kolko, the chief economist for the jobs site Indeed. Headley said that such calculations for the coal sector have historically ranged from a multiplier of three to a multiplier of 11 — that is, from three times to 11 times as many jobs created in the broader economy for every job created in coal mining.

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Is there an upswing in coal production? Pruitt is at least able to point to data showing a recent increase in coal production. And data from the Association of American Railroads shows that, the amount of coal loaded onto rail cars has been significantly higher so far this year than it was during first few months of The increase in coal jobs began before Trump was elected.

Moreover, good and bad times in the coal sector tend to stem more from industry-specific developments and international factors than domestic policy changes, experts said.

A recent report in NPR put its finger on one possible factor that has boosted the coal sector in recent months — unusually high demand for “metallurgical” coal, which is used for making steel, rather than for electricity generation. Metallurgical coal accounts for about about one-sixth of coal production worldwide. Art Sullivan, a mining consultant and former coal miner in Washington, Pa.

This, plus higher Chinese steel production, has caused the price for Australian metallurgical steel to spike, making U. Our ruling Pruitt said, “Since the fourth quarter of last year until most recently, we’ve added almost 50, jobs in the coal sector.

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