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These files can take any valid command line argument, one per line. Arguments can be commented out using a pound symbol. The command line arguments used will always override the arguments set in the config file. Translations Armory now supports multiple languages. Please note that these all have varying degrees of completness.

If a string does not have a translation in the language selected, it will default to English. If you would like to help us translate Armory, please join the Armory team on Transifex Full changelog 2 new script types have been introduced on top of legacy P2PKH: Uses compressed public keys.

Added new signer code to handle the new script types. The code is only used when redeeming outputs using the new scripts.

All legacy outputs P2PKH are still handled by the original code and can be signed for by previous versions dating back to 0. The modified offline signing serialization format is backwards compatible. Older version can sign for legacy outputs. Older versions can also fund the new types as they are P2SH scripts. You will need Armory 0.

Wallet mirrors are exclusively watching only they only contain public data. The new wallet code interfaces with the new address types and signer code.