Free bitcoin cloud mining generator

How to Use Mining-net. You can use fiat currency or Bitcoin to pay for hash power and participate. Here are the prices: We believe that there are great chances that Mining-net.


The company states that is has been mining for more than days and that it has 1, users at the time of this report. This is hardly something real because their site is awful. The company is supposed to exist sincebut you will not find many mentions about it online. The only ones we found have reached the same conclusion that we do: This looks like a very low effort scam.

Another point is that you can clearly see that it does make much sense to only charge people once for their investment and give free hash power to them. This is just a bait to get your money and never give anything to you. Our Conclusion On Mining-net. Users try to do their best including determining a mining policy, overclock and hacking other users in a cloud mining simulation to achieve a threshold limit for the payout.

Investment option is also available to reach the threshold quickly. Our main income sources are advertisements, alt-coin mining and trading. In fact, we believe that Bitcoin has been led to a new period that alters the concept of money, goods and commodities with its consensus based network block-chain.

It is a kind of revolution against the capitalist financial system and the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. No state or bank! Thus, spreading of this decentralized currency will help to protect the freedom of individuals.