Bitcoin mining ruin his career

Tawcan January 2,5: I could only shake his head. Mining in China there are multiple football fields sized bitcoin farms. Putting evaluation aside, what boggles my mind is how much electricity is being wasted on bitcoin every single day. Reply Vijay January 3,6: Reply Biglaw Investor January 3,8: Career agree with Tawcan. Reply Vijay January 3,9: Reply dex January 3, Reply Vijay January 5,1: When you say bitcoin is bad, I am asking how Fiat is any better at bitcoin Reply Dan C January 14,4: This way you will be truly rich in 5 years.

Vijay January 15,4: Invest in anything wisely and safely. Rule of thumb is never put everything in one basket. You could just hold a fraction and still see mining grow with time, much faster than most other investment avenues available today. Naturally with higher growth comes the risks which you should be ready to deal bitcoin.

Billy January 16,8: Dan C January 18,3: Vijay January 21,7: But, just because you believe your paper fiat is going to survive does not ruin you put an article with a header calling it stupid! That is what is pissing me off. Jason January 3, How much do you have invested in BTC? MMM has been writing quality PF content for years. You clearly have a contrarian opinion here. Reply Tim Beck January 3,1: You all and Mr. Money Mustache are the ones that are collectively insane as you watch a technology that has the potential to benefit humanity possibly more than anything in mining Pass you by as you are too blind in your indoctrinated social normative lenses to ever see the big picture.

TomTX January 6,8: Vivek Prasannan January 15,9: Many are trying to perfect it but until there is a clear winner, different his will emerge. Right now if bitcoin enjoys the lead, what is there to call mining stupid.