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We intend for this to be the first iteration in a series of many such papers designed to keep the debate honest and — to the highest degree possible — flying on facts. In case you are pressed for time, here are 6 key takeaways: In the Bitcoin protocol, flying entity requesting write privileges adding pages to the distributed database ledger has to prove an expenditure of energy work. They need to prove that it cost them something to contribute to the network; a contribution for which they are subsequently rewarded with bitcoins.

No risk expenditureno reward bitcoin. The reward being paid in bitcoin ensures the incentives are aligned between maintaining truthfulness security of the network and mining writing to the network; because acting in bad faith for the network results in diminishing the value of the bitcoin reward financial loss for the actor.

The larger the on-going energy expenditure and prior CAPEX expenditure, the larger the required investment to attack. We would also like to note that this is simply a criticism of previous methodologies. If the previous estimate had indeed been correct, it would suggest an even higher level of security than what is currently achieved. The reason is simple, coal is too expensive. Bitcoin mining is extremely competitive and the cheapest available electricity is most often found at stranded or seasonally overproducing renewable generation sites.

Common to all these locations are cool climates, availability of cheap renewable energy, high-speed internet and business-friendly governments. For more in-depth reading on sources, methodologies and more see the white-paper here: Disclaimer Please note that this Blog Post and associated WhitePaper is provided on the basis that the recipient accepts the following conditions relating to the bitcoin of the same including on behalf of their respective organisation.

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The bitcoin also evolves rapidly. With increasing media attention on digital assets and related technologies, many of the concepts associated therewith and the terms used to encapsulate them are more likely to be encountered outside of the digital space. Although a term may become relatively well-known and in a relatively short timeframe, there is a danger that misunderstandings and misconceptions can take root relating to precisely what the concept behind the given term is.

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