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Crypto Mining 24/7 Pricing And Plans

Hardware Requirements Mining rigs come in all shapes and sizes. For the purpose of this guide, we will focus on building a very basic rig. This guide is intended to get you started and to assist in building your first rig. Once you know how to build one, you can grow your rig empire as big as you want. The days of mining with your CPU only are long gone.

What Is Crypto Mining 24/7?

GPU offer a much faster way of solving the algorithms required to generate your coins. These are the most current and accurate listings for GPU hash rates.

When you are mining, the same values that apply for Bitcoin mining will apply to any SHA coin mining. The same is true for Litecoin and all other Scrypt based coins.

Part 1: Hardware Requirements

We feel they currently offer the best bang for your buck if you are operating on a budget. Of course, you can always replace your graphics card for a better one in the future.

Generally, there are only 3 things you want to worry about when building a mining rig. This is the bread and butter for your rig and what is actually going to be generating your coins.

You will need adequate power to run your rig. The only thing you need to look for here are the amount of PCI-E slots or places for your video cards. Hard drive, again, you only need it to run the Operating System.