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Your chances are much greater in the US. Seven of the top 11 cities with the most merchants that accept bitcoin are in the U. Both metropolises have 72 bitcoin-accepting establishments.

They include business consultants, computer services, a pet day care, an Internet service provider, a vineyard, a psychiatrist, a massage studio, a video rental store, a coffee shop, a realtor, a salvage service and many restaurants. Wall Street firms are leading much of the exploration of blockchain as a tool to improve finance. Many restaurants and retail establishments accept bitcoin, such as the Jonathan Levine Gallery, a fine art gallery. Other businesses accepting bitcoin include software companies, security services, attorneys, fitness centers, apparel stores, gift shops, and grocers.

These controls have delivered economic stagnation and double-digit inflation. The government has restricted access to foreign currency and created an overvalued currency exchange rate. She takes credit card payments from foreign tourists in return for bitcoin. The second largest U. The city hosted the State of Digital Money conference in April offeaturing industry experts and workshops on the future of bitcoin.

An organization called LA Bitcoin lists businesses that accept bitcoin in the greater Los Angeles area.

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These businesses include hair salons, nail spas, grocers, a modeling agency, a plumber, a machine shop, a wedding planner, a marijuana shop, a solar energy provider, a transcription service, a brewer supplier, attorneys and restaurants. A wide variety of London businesses accept bitcoin: The economy has been driven historically by agriculture and heavy manufacturing, although it has diversified. A large number of corporate headquarters and government offices could be fostering a more tech-savvy, entrepreneurial population.

Businesses in general are very spread out in Kansas City. Those accepting bitcoin are not concentrated in any one part of town. Most businesses accepting bitcoin are restaurants. Others include car dealers, a cleaning service, a photographer, a jeweler, a security company, a fitness center, a web designer and a gold exchange.

2) New York City, 161

Petersburg college football bowl game, now named the Bitcoin St. Businesses accepting bitcoin include a scuba diving school, an attorney, two web designers, an electronics community workshop called Tampa Hackerspace, an escort service, a jewelry store, a graphic designer, two photographers, a cigar shop and a wig dealer. Such events build public awareness of bitcoin. A variety of businesses accept bitcoin: Meanwhile, Austin, the state capital of Texas and the home of the University of Texas at Austin, has earned a reputation as a technology leader.