Bitcoin mining antminer 3d

I’ve tried several things with the miner to find the best solution for my case. The problem with S5 is that it has quite a bad cooling solution. A lot of air runs out of the heatsink cold or doesn’t even go into it, so Bitmain compensates that with a lot of CFM and a lot of noise. The fan that comes with the miner seems to be the Delta x 25mm Extreme High-Speed Fanor an exact copy of it. I’m from Croatia and it tends to get really hot in the summer, so I had to get the miner temperature vs.

To do so I’ve: Repasted the miner with a much better termal paste, Added mini heatsinks on the external side of the hashboards with adhesive termal paste to the first miner only, as second came with themClosed the miner’s heatsink with 3D printed plates so no air can run out on the top or bottom sides, Added fan ducts between fans and miners which direct most of the air through the main heatsink and blow just a little bit of air to external heatsinks, just to drive some airflow on the sides.

One of the Bitmain’s design flaws worth mentioning is the fact that thermal sensors for the hash boards are on the outer side instead of heatsink side and are very sensitive to airflow. Here’s the miner I’ll be modifying for this thread: The first thing I did was repasting the chips, which wasn’t too hard, just dull.

Just unscrewed every screw the miner has and carefully separated the hash board from the heatsink. I’ve cleaned the heatsink and the chips with paper towel. Here’s the chips before and after.

I didn’t care much about the paste on the sides. I’ve put the new paste on and screwed the thing back together. The next thing I added were the bottom plates. I’ve used the M3 x 10mm screws to screw them to the bottom. For some reason, this miner’s heatsink’s screw holes are so shallow I had to use nuts to tightly hold the plastic. The bottom plates are flat on one side, but feature a bulge on the other side, to prevent air running in the gap between them and the heatsink.