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If you are a Contractor, Consultant, Delivery Driver or anyone else that will be working at any type of mining operation, you will need MSHA training before being allowed to work.

Training can be provided at your location saving travel time and costs for multiple employees. We strive to provide real, useful, interactive training that prepares your workers for the mine environment. Don’t know what you need? Call us and we can help! We can often provide training on very short notice to meet your requirements!

Look through our links and below FAQ’s for useful information! If you are looking for training in Michigan Non-Coal Miningplease click here: For training anywhere outside of Michigan, the training fees are as follows: All travel expenses will be in addition to the training fees.

A suitable training location must be provided with adequate room for the class size. Standard GSA Perdiem rates for lodging and meals are charged based on the training location. Click here for the GSA Perdiem rates for your training location: Airline costs will be billed as actual costs. Rental cars, if required, will be billed as actual cost.

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Short Notice of Scheduling Fee: We can often provide training on very short notice. Total Training Fees Example: The ELP Drilling Company is a specialized contractor and needs to have 12 employees trained for work at an underground Silver mining operation. The company has provided a room at their office that is suitable for training, and has decided to complete the training in four 8-hour days.

The training will occur in April of and will take place in Boulder, Colorado. There are some exceptions for those that are on site for a very short time they will need to be escorted on siteor those that never leave their vehicle such as a logging truck driver that is traversing through the mine site but not stopping.

Each mine site will have it’s own procedures that determine required training. It is best to contact the mine site directly for their site-specific policies. But in general, anyone working at a mine site for more than a day or two is required to have training.

What is the difference between Part 46 and Part 48 training? Part 46 pertains to the following types of Surface Mining Operations: If it’s not listed above, it’s under Part Both Parts require the same amount and frequency of training.

Under Part 46, the training plan must contain the required information as outlined in part The mine person responsible for Health and Safety there needs to be one must verify all training and keep all records as required by MSHA.

The safety instructors do not need to be MSHA certified, but must be deemed competent to perform the training. We have generic training plans that can be modified to assist a small mine operator in creating a plan that would be acceptable to MSHA.

The following link will bring you to the Part 46 training portion of the MSHA website and has sample plans and other useful information. If you are a contractor, you will be trained according to the Training Plan of the mine at which you will be working.