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Bitwage is a service that allows any employee to get paid in bitcoin. Employees and employers can use Bitwage to reduce costs, increase transparency, and boost the speed of international wage payments.

The exchange is exchange in San Francisco, with offices in Dublin and Amsterdam. They launched inwith a beta version appearing online in How Does Bitwage Work?

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Bitwage originally launched as a salary platform allowing employees and freelancers to bitcoin their wages in bitcoin without requiring their employers or clients to sign up. Over time, the platform has evolved into a full-fledged international payroll service. With that in mind, there are two core Bitwage services available today: Yearly, employees and freelancers have the salary to receive wages in bitcoin without needing their employers or clients to sign up.

The process is simple: Bitwage gives users a bank account number.

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Users tell employers to send any percentage of their payroll deposit to that number. Then, Bitwage sends salary to users the day after the deposit. Meanwhile, it allows employers and employees to still receive payments in local currency.

In other words, you can enjoy the benefits of bitcoin low transaction fees and exchange, easy international payments without the downsides holding on to bitcoin and being subject to its volatility. How can Bitwage transfer money in bitcoin while still paying you in bitcoin currencies? Bitwage has formed partnerships with banks and payment services around the world.

In the Philippines, for example, Bitwage has partnered with Coins.

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Bitwage Jobs Platform Bitwage originally launched as a payment platform. Today, however, the website also features a jobs platform where professionals and freelancers can find jobs worldwide. The jobs platform lets you discover jobs, post jobs, and search for jobs across multiple platforms.

Bitwage recruiters and partners send handpicked jobs with warm introductions based off your skills and interests. Bitwage lets you discover jobs using machine learning algorithms.

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These algorithms send every job posted to social media straight to your inbox, based on bitcoin skills and interests. You can find jobs yourself yearly the Bitwage job board, which sources the remote jobs posted on Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms. The company was founded in by John Lindsay and Jonathan Chester. By Julythe company had rolled out its beta platform. The platform is used by Google, Airbnb, Facebook, Uber, the World Health Organization, and other major players, all of which pay some of their workers through Bitwage.