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It competes with Potosi in Bolivia and Pachuca – Real del Monte in Mexico for the title of greatest silver district, each having produced more than a billion troy ounces of silver.

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The Lucky Friday mine produced 3. The mines closed within a few years, but reopened briefly in and again in to mine tungsten.

Butte started as a placer gold camp inand the placers were exhausted by But in prospectors discovered silver veins. Butte flourished as a silver-mining district until miners tunneled into large copper veins in From then until the s, Butte was primarily a copper-mining district, but with a lot of silver as a byproduct. Inthe district produced 2. Silver occurs in veins filling fracture zones through Paleozoic limestone. Minerals in the silver-ore veins include polybasitepyrargyriteproustitesphaleritegalenaand tennantite.

Manganese occurs as replacement bodies of pyrolusite and rhodochrosite in limestone adjacent to the fracture zones. No mines are presently active in the district. Silver mining in Nevada The discovery of the Comstock Lode in inaugurated large-scale silver mining in the United States.

The Comstock was the first important silver-mining district in the United States, and its discovery stimulated a great deal of prospecting for silver across the Great Basin area of the United States. The resulting silver rush led to many other silver discoveries in Nevadaincluding El Dorado CanyonAustinEurekaand Pioche In it produced 4.

Nevada produces a larger amount of silver, 6, ounces inas a byproduct of the mining of gold. Ore was extracted from underground workings untilwhen a small open pit was dug. The Shelburne mine operated intermittently from the s into the s; a final attempt at mining took place in Whitehill would later claim that the young man was a likeable kid, whose stealing was a result more of necessity than criminality.

His mother is buried in the town cemetery. Inthe town hired its first town marshal, “Dangerous Dan” Tuckerwho had been working as a deputy for Whitehill since Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch were also reported to frequent the Silver City saloons in the late s.

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Morrill, in a talk given to the Daughters of the American Revolution chapter in Silver City on September 19,stated, “John Bullard was placed in the first grave dug in Silver City, having been killed while punishing the Indians for an attack upon the new town; the brothers were prospectors about the country for many years. The last one left for the old home aboutsaying, ‘It is only a matter of time until the Indians get me if I stay here. InNew Mexico Normal School was established.