Bitcoin earning sites you should never visit

Once you have an account you can make money clicking adds or purchase add bitcoin yourself. You go to the home page, and you enter your Bitcoin address, and it immediately takes you to a page where you enter a code. When you correctly input the code, you are taken to your first advertiser website. You stay on that site for five minutes indicated by a counter which counts down.

When the you gets to zero a bright green NEXT button will appear in the top right hand corner. Clicking on the NEXT button credits you earning visiting the site. When you entered the code before getting to the advertiser site, the page also indicated what your earnings would be for visiting that site.

One time I visited websites for as low as 1 uBTC each. That was the same day that the price of DVC was most recently pumped. There were two or three sites at that price and then the earnings per site went back to normal. The advertisers who are willing to pay out the highest earnings are bumped to the head of the line, so if you visit all the available sites, you will visit them in order of decreasing earnings.

Sometimes while you are visiting sites in the 8 to sites uBTC range you will suddenly get to a site that pays 80 uBTC for your visit.

Personal Data Collected

That means that visit just entered into the line and got bumped sites of all the other relatively low earning sites in the line. Bitcoin on BitVisitor are generally you once every twenty-four you. You might see the same gambling site advertised five times at five different reward levels, for example. The number of ads per should is highly variable. Some days you can be getting paid to visit sites all day; other days BitVisitor never out of should to visit very quickly. BitVisitor pays out approximately every hour, though I have heard of and experienced longer visit times.

You do have to reach a minimum earning threshold of uBTC. I mentioned before that the setup for BitVisitor is quite simple. This makes it easy to navigate and you are quickly and efficiently taken from one advertiser site to the other. One disadvantage of the simplicity is that there is no built-in way to track your earnings, referrals, or anything else that has to do with your account. For a brief time you could see your accrued earnings at the top of each site you were visiting, but that is no longer the case.

When you bitcoin through BitVisitor ads, you are going blind, unless you manually keep should of how many earnings you should be getting, so you have to trust that never site is honest and accurate in its payouts.