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Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson 1. The introduction of the SP20 Jackson is a welcome change to their line up. The SP20 is a small bread box sized unit that can push out 1. While powerful, they the noise levels made them a bit too much for in the home use. The SP20 Jackson is much less noisy coming in at 51 dB at 4 feet. Spondoolies wanted to bring mining back to the home miners, and they have done so in a big way.

D mm x W mm x H mm Network: The Box was a bit roughed up but when opened the miner was all secure. Some of the initial SP20 shipments had some board shifting during shipment. Spondoolies has fixed that issue since then. I opened the SP20 to check out the hashing boards and I liked the custom Spondoolies-Tech controller. The boards are laid out with four chips per board and two boards total.

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The chips are staggered like a checkerboard. This design helps air flow over each chip for more efficient cooling. The SP20 has a mm Fan in the back pulling air over the boards and heat sinks.

It is a bit louder than some but still not bad. The SP20 Jackson requires a solid power supply. You can also use two watt or higher Gold rated PSUs. BTCPoolParty is a new mining pool that has fully transparent audits and excellent uptime.

They are in the process of adding more detailed stats to their pool. CCN will have some exclusive news on them in the very near future. BTCGuild has the full range of stats and is the most stable pool right now.