Mining jobs in cote divoire

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The total area of the country iskm2 with a population of 21, as of July Its climatic condition is mostly tropical. However, the mining industry does not play a significant role in the economy and the economy relies more on coffee and cocoa production and export.

The country’s climate and international prices are major factors that affect the economy. Mineable commodities such as bauxite, cobalt, iron ore, nickel, copper, and silica sand are some of the underdeveloped minerals.

Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire)

Production in the Angovia gold mine located northwest of Yamoussoukro amounted to kg in compared to kg in cote It accounted for 2, kg of gold in compared to 4, kg in Similarly, the mining production in the Ity gold mine decreased to 1, kg from 1, kg in The mining plans for the NZ and the SZ pits would be from to and from to jobs, respectively. The production capacity at Tongon has been estimated as Fossil Fuels InTotal S. Total expects its first exploration drilling to start during the course of this year.

It is making huge efforts to increase exploration and mining activities in the gold cote.

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Studies estimate the gold reserves in the country to be about Mt, which has led as many as 30 mining companies with international operations to conduct exploration activities in and around the country. Based on divoire steady increase in gold production in the last two years despite riots and civil unrest, experts believe that gold production is likely to reach 25 t by The government is also open to granting licenses and divoire to international mining mining.

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