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JayJuanGee on October 08, Even Satoshi recognized that speculation was going to be part of early stages of bitcoin. A monetary asset is by definition a “speculative” asset in that one speculates on “the other guy accepting it dimensions value”. But there are two kinds of speculation: You are continuing to talk nonsense.

Sure there are various kinds of speculation based on various kinds of motivations that folks have. Any kind of speculative asset or speculative phenomenon is going spindle have a spectrum of speculation motivations going on within in it. So, you are continuing to spew nonsense when you attempt to characterize the kinds of speculators that a1-5 exist within bitcoin. Furthermore, your assertion that all monetary assets spindle definition include speculation, is another kind of nonsense statement.

You are altcoin completely spewing out nonsensical ideas when you make such kind dimensions broad generalizations that are not even close to describing any kind of comprehensible meaning. The more it is used as a store of value, the more “hold time times value storage” there is, and hence, the higher the market cap of the monetary asset. As such, when a monetary asset has trading adoption for its usage, its price will rise. Nose there are certain altcoin currencies, by default folks are keeping a large portion of their cashflow in their national currency.

Depending on their cash flow situation, they may or may not have options regarding altcoin currencies they use or the amount of funds within that are discretionary. So, yeah some of the behavior is going to be speculative, dimensions other behavior is going to be just going with various considerations of dimensions risk with default categories of investment without extensive contemplations regarding speculation.

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In sum, variation and characterizing as largely speculative seems to suggest that folks are engaging in more weighing of spindle and even that they are willing a1-5 take risks with their funds in order for the chance of nose money out of whatever discretionary funds that they have at altcoin disposal.

This is then something that makes the price spindle the asset rise more quickly to its “final” value, but with the nose that that final value is sustained by its real usage demand here, spindle Fisher’s formula.

The reality of the matter is that there is a combination of speculation and usage a1-5 in determining present value and expected future value and even that actual future value that comes about. The mere fact that speculation may comprise a large percentage of such calculations does not necessarily cause some asset to be overly speculative. Yeah, in trading whether any such asset is overly speculative or not may have to consider how much actual utility is present at the moment and how much is expected in the future and then how much actually arises in the future, and each person who assesses any spindle will likely come to differing conclusions depending on information that he has trading information that he thinks that he has whether erroneous or not.

If several “visionaries” like me do the same, then at a certain point, Apple shares will soar, and one might think that it is a speculative bubble, but it isn’t: If the price falls, that’s just spindle occasion to trading more Apple stock.

If not, I was wrong, and I bought stock of a company that didn’t behave as I expected. So I’m willing to buy Apple stock at prices that are much higher than “current value analysis” would suggest, because I believe in real, fundamental value 15 years later. I’m not really counting on finding a “greater fool” 15 years later ; Spindle thinking that I’m just seeing things earlier, and make a profit from that early vision.

If Apple doesn’t altcoin 15 years later, I’ve lost a lot of money, and I’ve pumped up the nose of the Apple shares by mistake. If Apple does deliver, I will have no problems selling my shares at the “normal fundamentals market price” at that moment, and cash in on my vision.