Altcoin trade osrs

The person with the Bitcoin would give the trade amount altcoin the escrow, and then you would send the RSGP. I do not play runescape but currently have the currency on their poker sites.

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Trust seems to be the only issue and I would like suggestions from the more seasoned members of this forum. In other words I want to get rid trade my runescape gold which again is in the form altcoin poker chips on the runescape compatible poker sites i named above and recieve bitcoins sent directly to my wallet or p2p transfer to my bitcoin poker accounts.

The whole cashing out to your character in the game is too complicated to me and I built my poker bankrolls on all 3 sites from Osrs. For reference, this is the escrow list: I’m not a scammer and I normally play poker on us legal sites as well as some bitcoin poker sites.

This works better osrs the escrow will be someone with high trust.

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Thanks so much and please respond to me Alternatively, consider using an escrow. The escrow would then send you the Bitcoin. Those poker sites are the following:.