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I appreciate the interesting comments made on both sides of this topic. Please allow me to clarify a few things as it seems some of what I said may have come across wrong or taken out of context. The Altcoin Alliance is NOT meant to replace or control any specific person, community, business, or altcoin. There are already places such as this reddit where people can be more outspoken and, in some cases, disingenuous about anything that pops up in their head.

The Altcoin Alliance is geared more towards the serious operational side of what some may call a speculative hobby, a liberating FIAT alternative, or the beginning of the future as it relates to small businesses, fundraisers and charities worldwide. Some may not believe this, but I truly think without some form of unbiased oversight and tangible cooperation, like that between Dogecoin and Digibyte, making up the physical and political structure yes, even we have our own political dynamics to consider of the altcoin segment, we are condemned to repeat past mistakes and never reach our full hypothetical or factual potential.

Just like any LLC, the venture is treated like a limited liability partnership made up of [managing] directors and members who have a common goal for the venture. However, nothing requires these directors and members have the same methodology in achieving that common goal.

This is what should make the alliance attractive to all altcoin pioneers large and small. Anyone who is passionate enough and has something to contribute to the atlcoin arena should have a voice and access to other likeminded insiders within that arena.

Being a not for profit subsidiary of my established corporate entity that has existed for many years is only temporary and I look forward to the day when the alliance itself is self-sufficient enough to justifying becoming its own nonprofit corporate entity. Likewise, having my nonbinding corporate backing in the interim only adds to the stability and accountability of the venture as it gets off the ground. It is no secret that I, as a businessman with almost two decades of global business experience under my belt, see true transparency and valuation issues in regards to Alex and his business dealings.

However, does that mean I think he is evil or about to scam everyone? As I have told Alex via PM and here in public multiple times, it is not personal. I simply see things differently than he does on a business level and would be critical of anyone doing similar things.

At any rate, I have also said publically that I do use his exchange on occasion and think it has potential. We will provide an easy to use, intuitive interface for the safe trading of not just NEO, but of all NEP-5 standard based tokens that adhere to City of Zion principles, which will be listed on Spotcoin for free. At this time, no other exchange out there offers the same service, and it will provide relief for NEO and all NEO-based companies out there.

Just like our offer: To our knowledge, no other exchange offers a dividend this high.

Why Choose Dogecoin?

Dividends from more than just the exchange Our Spotcoin exchange will not be the only source of revenue, or of dividends. Like we said, Spotcoin is already an established OTC. We processed over 10 million USD in We also partner in a 1. We have partnered with mining experts Golden Fleece, and aim to expand our joint operations.