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Earn percentage of the UK population want to use bitcoins? If they do not, why not? What is the breakdown? A new survey commissioned by Venda suggests that the majority of earn surveyed do not understand it, do not trust it and would prefer not to have to use it. Bitcoin is simply becoming a tough option to ignore for astute traders.

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The results are interesting. Might explain the Distrust! They felt that paying with bitcoins would be, therefore, more expensive. The poll was conducted by YouGov 518d on a commission from Venda. The survey was taken from the opinions of 2, sample of representative UK adults. The survey was conducted online.

Bitcoin in England

Retailers would be well advised, however, to ensure before they consider 518d payments, they place established payment methods into the altcoin. Fieldwork was undertaken between 26thth February What does the survey tell us? Bitcoin in England This survey is enlightening for a few reasons. What it tells us may be uncomfortable but it is, in my opinion, none the less accurate.


I do not believe the figures are accurate. There are still a percentage of people that do not use computers and this survey was conducted online. You can say that people that do not use computers do not use Bitcoin. Although people that do not use computers and do not use cryptocurrencies still vote.

They influence politicians, and we need to influence politicians too.

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One other thing, the retailers that accept bitcoins — we should all support them. Altcoin may be time to circle the wagons. Featured image by Shutterstock..