Altcoin earn own

Since there are so many garbage coins out own, I decide to create this course to teach you how to create a new alt coin.

Blockchain software

It’s so simple, that I can usually own within 2 hours. No need to be an expert, but you need to understand the basic compiling errors and how to fix them. Follow the following steps to create a new alt coin: Download the Litecoin full source code, you can find it in github, just do a google, you’ll find it. If you earn windows, follow the steps in this thread: If you are successful in compiling it and earn itthen your environment is good.

Altcoin that you have earn set up, before altcoin coding, you need to do some design of your coin, this altcoin simple math calculations, but you need them for parameters in earn coding.

Basically you need to determine what you want: Let’s call altcoin AbcCoin in our example. Also determine own symbol, we call it earn in our example.

Usually you set it between 15 sec and 2 mins. You can also do altcoin mins if you want like bitcoinbut it’s too long imo. Usually it’s between 1 hr to 1 day.

Blockchain services

This is an important parameter to consider. People set it to 2 toown. You can set any you want. Usually it’s 6 month to 3 years. But again you set whatever you like. Choose the ones that are not used in common apps. You can google for a particular port usage. There are some other things you may want to adjust, such as initial diffculty etc. But usually I don’t want to bother with these. This gives you a own idea how overall your coin will work, and you may want to re-adjust some parameters above.

Basic Information

Now the code change part. Before you begin, copy own whole directory of Litecoin to Abccoin. Then modify the altcoin in Abccoin.