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The Bitcoin client uses these as it verifies the Bitcoin block chain. After your edit, it should look like this: Edit the Checkpoint Data Right under each of these edited checkpoint lists, there are statements that set a corresponding variable. These are named data for the main networkdataTestnet for the test networkand dataRegtest for regression testing.

Go to the command line and type Code: The second number in each block is a transaction count as of the most recent checkpoint; it should be replaced by zero, because there are no transactions before the genesis block.

Change the protocol ‘magic’ bytes The next block after dataRegtest is setting another variable named CMainParams.

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And you have a lot of things to change here. The first four lines of code set values in an array called pchMessageStart. You want to use something else, so that nobody can ever trick your newcoin client into connecting to the Bitcoin network, or vice versa. They have to be values between 0 and I suggest going back to the shell and using Code: Make your alert and genesis coinbase keys The next line in the first two params objects sets vAlertPubKey values.

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So go back to the command line to get some. Insert your alert keys Code: If you ever need to send an alert out over the network, you can use the corresponding private key. Edit the timestamp string Now we skip down to the famous timestamp string, at the line Code: Whatever you use, keep it short. His statement read as follows: In the past few hours, platform instabilities with the V1 platform primarily linked to our architecture and how we previously made use of the accounts system, in part, as well as general daemon limitations have reached an all-time high.

We are fighting a battle against an unstable platform, and while we have duct taped whatever we can; this patient is about to bleed out.

Coupled with the fact that we have been experiencing a fairly high volume of attack traffic in the past few days, and we are no longer confident that we can keep the platform up.

At this time, we are making the decision to shut the platform down and migrate everything storefronts, balances, etc.

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If we did not take steps to do this, you would be left with an unusable platform, and quite possibly corrupt wallet files. V2 is built from the ground up to deal with this problem, and to prevent it from happening again. I apologize for everybody still on V1, and who is affected by this problem.