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November 19, That is the best way to store a battery. It will keep the charge topped off so it won’t degrade very fast. All batteries die eventually though. I find years to be the average life for a well maintained motorcycle battery.

Poorly maintained batteries last about a season. DoD- There are some decent trickle chargers on the market.

I used to sell “Battery Minder” brand which seem to work as good as any and are lower priced than the “Battery Tender” brand. I also have a Black and Decker variable amp charger that can function as a tender. While not a problem on the GS, a lot of bikes have batteries in hard to reach areas.

I have to unbolt the front seat on the SV to access the battery. On the SV it is run to under the backseat which comes off with a key like the GS.

Best Car Batteries | Top 5

One thing I miss that I don’t have anymore is a manual battery charger, one that doesn’t have an automatic shut off. When a battery gets really discharged it can drop below 12 volts. That confuses most automatic battery chargers into thinking the battery has a bad cell.

They work on the logic that each cell is 2.

That is true if the battery has a charge to it. I had a nice Schauer brand battery charger for years. A friend of mine borrowed it to charge the battery on one of his work vans. One of his dumb ass employees goes to move the van while it is charging and ran the battery charger over. I guess the hood being open wasn’t a good enough indicator that he shouldn’t drive the van?!?! Excellent points I missed joker. Yea, 12 volt batteries need at least a volt and a half to 2 volts above the 12 volts to charge.